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Glass Blowing

Glass Blowing involves working with 1000’c molten glass.
We gather, shape and blow the glass to achieve the desired form.

We run two different types of Glass Blowing course, the first is our Taster session. This is where we gather the glass from the furnace and reheat the glass, but you do all the colouring , shaping and blowing. This is a great introduction to Glass Blowing.

The second course we run is our Beginners Glass Blowing Experience. These courses are run with a maximum of 4 students and are more in depth than our Taster session.
You will take part in every Glass Blowing step including gathering the glass, shaping, blowing and reheating the piece. This course is good for anyone who has already attended one of our Taster sessions and wants to take the experience a step further.

Our Glass Blowing courses are beginner friendly and are suitable for ages 16 and over. Bauble blowing sessions are suitable for ages 12 and over.

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