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Old North Glass, Cumbrian Glass Making


Glass Fusing involves cutting, shaping and layering clear and coloured sheets of cold glass. Which can then be further decorated using inclusions and additions such as;

Glass frit, which is ground glass in various sized grains. Frit can be used to add accents to designs or entire blocks of shaped colours, it often has a softer edge than cut sheet glass.

Accent glass, such as, confetti (wafer thin shards of coloured glass), stringers (long spagetti like stings of coloured glass), chopped cane and murrine (glass cane that has multiple colours running through that has been chopped into small pieces to be used end on)

Non-glass inclusions, such as copper and brass that can be cut to shape with a paper press.

All our fusing courses are suitable for beginners and ages 12 and over.

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