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We are Josh and Ann, we are trained glassblowers currently trying to raise the funds to buy our own portable glassblowing furnace.

This will help up to keep and develop our skills, launch our careers as glassblowers and bring glassmaking experiences to the general public.

We are based in North West Cumbria and would like to show glassmaking at local events.

Over the last few years we have attended ‘Flame off’ with a hired furnace, who has now been retired. But we could like to continue attending this and many other events with our very own Furnace.

We trained at The University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. Spending everyday for 4 years in the Hotshop developing our skills and knowledge of the material. Since graduating we have worked with Kt Yun at the GlassHub and under the direction of Richard Glass of Teign Valley Glass. We then moved to Cumbria and have be collecting all the equipment that we need to start our own Glassblowing venture.